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Advertiser Media Kit

First Light Net© provides agencies, a one stop shop for reaching the outdoor and sports demographic online. Our network provides the widest possible reach and delivers the most targeted demographic from one central point of contact. We are intimate with the markets we serve to ensure your client maximizes their marketing dollars.

Advantages:Advantages: First Light Net's network offers advantages that no other "managed networks" can. The fact the FLN owns all of the web sites in it's network gives us the flexibility not available with "managed networks". We can provide definitive extra value to your clients by offering -newsletter support, web site product endorsements, co-branded sponsored endorsements, web site co-brands, static text placements, product reviews and product review distribution. FLN is the clear choice for Agencies wanting deliver personalized, definitive results for their clients.

We work directly with your media planners to ensure that every aspect of your clients needs are met.

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