Special Manufacturers Advertising Package!
Limited Time Only!

We are pleased to offer an Introductory Online Advertising Package with substantial savings to introduce our services. We hope that by offering an affordable, low cost advertising campaign we can earn your long term internet advertising business. This package represents a dramatic savings over our standard rates and when purchased during this special rate period, can be used at any time during the calendar year. At First Light Net we recognize that branding your products is a very important part of a successful marketing program. At some point, potential customers will have to make a decision between you and your competitor. Effective "Branding" can be the ultimate deciding factor of whether a consumer buys your product or your competitor’s. To qualify for these branding campaigns you must simply be a manufacturer or outdoors organization that does not support online purchasing of your products on your website.

Manufacturers Advertising Campaigns

Free banner Includes:
Over 327,500 banner advertising impressions:
  • 468 x 60 Full Banner- 140,000 impressions
  • 120 x 600 Skyscraper Banner- 100,000 impressions
  • 300 x 250 Medium Rectangle Banner- 87,500 impressions
Free Banner Advertising Design from designers that know your market.
Secure login for real time tracking on campaign statistics.
Select any or all websites or choose a network website advertising channel (i.e. fishing, hunting, boating, outdoors, sports).
Reinforce or build your brand with massive exposure on a choice of over 370 targeted websites.
Every advertising impression served to the audience you are targeting.
Direct Links from your ad to preferred retailer or retailer look up page.
Display advertising that intensifies your brand and builds consumer confidence with every impression.
Save on Promoting this year’s “NEW” products.

Manufacturers advertising campaigns
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Promotion price is good for initial quarter (3 months) and there is no obligation to continue upon campaign completion.

Advertising Impressions are served equally throughout the course of the 3 month campaign unless specified in writing on the Insertion Order at the time of purchase. Banner Advertising Creative includes design (.gif or .jpg) and up to 3 client revisions, additional revisions are billed at a rate of $45 per hour.

Banner Design can be supplied or banners will be created. If supplied, FLN Advertising creative spec guidelines are enforced. All creative designed will become clients’ property. Campaign flight date must begin in the calendar year purchased but can run into the following year.

Campaigns are transferable but no refunds will be issued on Special Promotional Campaigns.

Promotional Package must be purchased during the sale's time period to be applicable for the special rate. Custom “terms” must be approved in writing.