Online Advertising Campaign Store

The First Light Net Store is designed to assist our clients, agencies, or potential clients in pre packaged campaigns that can be implemented quickly. These campaigns are short term, fast turnaround campaigns that take advantage of our expertise and knowledge of our fishing, hunting, sports and outdoors network. They are ideal for companies who have short deadlines, looking for last minute implementation, want extremely targeted campaigns to support existing efforts, want to pretest for an upcoming larger scale campaign, or have a similar budget to our packages and want to utilize our expertise to ensure maximum campaign results.

These packages are not representative of the range of services and campaigns we can offer. If you have a campaign with predefined specifications, or would like something different then you see in our store please use our contact us form, Submit a RFP (Request for Proposal) or call 1-877-347-4684 to speak with a representative today.

How Campaign Selection Works

In an effort to offer the absolute most advanced targeting, our network is divided into "channels" (i.e. fishing, hunting, motocross, mixed martial arts, and general outdoors). Channels are a specific group of sites that fall into a targeted niche category. All campaigns in our ad store can target an individual demographic or any combination of our network you desire. Campaign selection is a simple 6 step process.

    1. Select desired campaign type on the top left hand navigation (i.e Store Links) or below (i.e. Brand Advertisers, Holiday Campaigns, Pay Per Click, ROI Advertisers, Search Placement Enhancement, etc...).
    2. Review and select campaign desired
    3. Select Demographic desired from campaign choices.
    4. Select “Run of Network” (ads will run on all sites in demographic chosen), or targeted channels for campaign.
    5. Select desired amount of impressions
    6. Select Payment Method (credit card, invioce or paypal), upload or request creative, set up account and Check out

All banner ads are served on all qualifying sites at the time of purchase and all banner campaigns include online real time statistic tracking. For a complete list of eligible sites please Click Here.

NOTE: First Light Net reserves the right to approve all creative prior to campaign launch.