Our Fishing, Hunting, Sports and Outdoors Network Web Sites

First Light Net has a vast network of fishing, hunting, sports, and outdoor-related web sites. We offer a wide range of advertising services throughout our network. Campaigns can be on individual sites, throughout our network, or on specific sites only.

With a network reaching over 17 million ad impressions monthly, we can deliver results on massive branding campaigns, focused ROI campaigns, and/or provide your site with hundreds of relevant text links to assist with your organic search engine placement.

First Light Net's representatives will work with you to create a targeted ad campaign to accomplish your exact goals.
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Our network is comprised of 4 categories of websites based on stages of development.
Site Development Stages
The first step is gaining targeted organic search placement. These sites are generated by our proprietary site generation software and are automatically updated hourly with search relevant content to match the domain name. Preliminary step to Minor stage. As of 10/07- 219 sites.
These are fully developed websites in BETA launch. Once out of BETA stage we actively start marketing them.Typically with lower Google PR ranks, definitive organic search placement, Alexa Rankings, and are in the early stages with our Search Engine Optimization team. As of 10/07 -28 sites.

These are mobile phone internet sites. These sites are in various stages of development. BigFishTackle.Mobi is the mobile version of our popular fishing forums website BigFishTackle.Com. October 2007- 884,728 mobile page views. As of 10/07 -22 sites

These are fully developed websites actively updated with content, maintaining a very active member base, typically with higher Google PR ranks, definitive search engine placement, Alexa Rankings, and are actively enhanced by our Search Engine Optimization team. As of 10/07- 77 major sites.